Amazing!Standing Meditation can Treat These 12 Chronic Diseases

 According to the length of the standing meditation time, if you start standing for only ten minutes, or start standing for an hour, the effect of standing is different. Here is an analysis from the first hour of standing.

The standing meditation reaction is often sudden. After a few minutes or hours of standing, you will feel a strong reaction, and you will suddenly feel pain in a certain part of the body. At this stage of qigong practice, both discovered and undiscovered diseases in the body will react to varying degrees. This is a normal phenomenon.

Schematic diagram of the standing meditation

Some patients are very happy and see the effect, which is the motivation and hope to continue to exercise, but some patients are frightened and give up, giving up standing meditation is almost equal to peaceful suicide, because, if you continue , the future is recovery or absolute health, so the choice of recovery or suffering is under your feet.

Usually people tend to ignore the small changes in the body, and often pay attention to it when the disease is obvious and the spirit and body are seriously affected. In the state of qigong practice, people's spirit and consciousness should pay attention to internal changes. "Looking inward" -- the five secrets of inner thinking, inner viewing, inner feeling, inner listening, and inner perception, is to let practitioners pay attention to the inner world and concentrate on it. Do self-exploration.

In this way, subtle changes in the body can be easily detected, and many disease-removing reactions can only have severe reactions during the process of standing. In daily life, it is manifested as ordinary skin diseases, low back pain, discomfort in a certain part, Pain, tears, anger...

In the third stage of standing meditation, the reaction of the disease site is mild, some severe, some has a short reaction time, and some has a long reaction time; some lesions disappear after the reaction, and some disappear after multiple reactions; some A cyclical response, repeating weekly and monthly;

Some patients repeat for weeks or months, and some serious patients have to repeat for a year or two or more, especially serious diseases such as internal organs, bone marrow, femoral head, bones, etc., it takes several years to recover. Among them, bone marrow and bone diseases are often manifested as serious skin diseases, so ordinary people always think that they are skin diseases, but they are not. In short, as long as you persist, no matter how many times you react or how long you take, the disease will eventually disappear. Perseverance is victory.

1. During the second period of practicing Qigong, the blood pressure of hypertensive patients gradually stabilized and decreased, and the symptoms of hypertension were mild, and some soon returned to normal. However, when the sense of work is at its best, symptoms such as dizziness and dizziness will suddenly appear, and the blood pressure will rise, which indicates that the reaction period of the lesion has arrived.

There are also some hypertensive patients in the lesion reaction period, although the blood pressure rises, but there is no uncomfortable reaction. Another individual patient has severe dizziness and severe reaction, but the blood pressure remains the same, and the pressure reduction is only a minor illness. The key is whether you can continue, and the right lies under your feet.

2. Patients with depression, neurasthenia, and neurosis will have symptoms such as head pain, dizziness, inability to sleep, dreams, wet dreams, palpitations, limb weakness, loss of diet, and depression in this period. Like lead, or more like uncut stone, then resting at night is like a nightmare, unable to sleep.

Depending on the severity of the disease, some time is short, some time is several months, but once you pass this stage, the sweet sleep like a baby will become a reality, and your mental state will be refreshed at this time. , which is also my stand-up evidence.

3. All kinds of rheumatism patients will have cold air, cold sweats, and cold wars locally or all over the body. Patients with severe rheumatism should wear cotton-padded clothes and quilts even in June, July and August, the hottest season. Some cold air and cold sweat appear for a few hours or even a few days, and then suddenly have a warm flu and a warm feeling, but soon the cold air and cold sweat appear again.

Some have hot sweat on the upper body and cold sweat on the lower body; hot sweat on the left half and cold sweat on the right. The left and right upper extremities and left and right lower extremities sometimes appear unbalanced. Sweat in the core is the feet. At the beginning, the sweat of the feet is not as good as running water. Until one day, the feet will no longer sweat, but they will become hot. ), the rheumatism had already drifted away by this time.

4. At this time, heart disease patients will experience various unsuitable reactions. Because of the different symptoms of heart disease, the response at this time is also different. For details, please refer to my "Rehabilitation Diary".

5. When myopia, hyperopia, keratitis, glaucoma, cataract, trachoma, astigmatism and other eye diseases arrive at this time, the eyes will be sore, painful, itchy, and tearful, and the vision will temporarily decrease. After the reaction, the vision will recover, improve and recover. After concussion, tinnitus, deafness (not congenital), as long as you continue to stand, it will return to normal quickly.

6. The tinnitus and deafness caused by neurological dysfunction have returned to normal after practicing Qigong. Chronic diseases such as cervical vertebra hyperplasia, cervical vertebra hypertrophy, cervical spondylitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis and other chronic diseases can be restored to health after careful practice.

7. Patients with gums and periodontitis (tinnitus and ear discomfort) will experience repeated toothaches during the practice. In severe cases, kidney discomfort, tingling and pain in the kidneys; if you try to meditate at this time, the discomfort in the kidneys will be more serious, which is the best proof.

8. The kidney disease reaction is first manifested in the teeth or ears, which is the earliest disease information, especially for those with renal insufficiency or renal failure. If you stand at this time, congratulations, you saved yourself, and the rest is to continue.

9. Patients with tuberculosis, pleurisy, and emphysema will experience asthma, chest pain, and a small amount of hemoptysis in the lungs at this stage. Gastrointestinal patients will experience repeated gastrointestinal symptoms at this stage, such as bloating, belching, gas, constipation and other symptoms. At this stage, patients with hepatitis and other diseases will experience repeated pain in the liver and gallbladder and swelling of the lower extremities.

10. Knee joint damage, lumbar spine strain, lumbar spine hyperplasia, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and other patients will experience repeated pain at this stage. But standing can describe these symptoms as miraculous. This is my personal experience. I once damaged my knees and my waist because of practicing meditation. However, because I was standing all the time, I repaired them one by one. Well, this is my personal experience.

11. Patients with kidney stones, nephritis, and urinary system will experience back pain, excessive urination, pain during urination, lower abdominal pain, and Guan Yuan discomfort at this stage. If combined with moxibustion, the effect of rehabilitation will be icing on the cake. Foot thorns, corns, and foot pads. At this stage, the soles of the feet will be sore, unable to stand, and it is inconvenient to walk.

12. Patients with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and lower extremity arthritis will experience lower extremity swelling during this period. In severe cases, it is difficult to put on and take off shoes and socks. This is caused by the obstruction of qi and blood return. After repeated repetitions, the swelling disappears... In short, the disease reaction Early, it will be better sooner, and late reaction will be better. If there is no bad response, it means that the practice time and effect are not enough. The stance is unresponsive, bad, and ineffective, and the ultimate reason lies in yourself.

During the disease reaction period, we must pay attention to correct understanding and have confidence. You must continue. If you give up, then this disease reaction can only be exchanged for Western medicine, surgery, mechanical treatment or expensive life costs. This is inevitable.

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