How about the weight loss effect of standing meditation?

The fundamental principle of standing meditation is to adjust the mind, to nourish our body's qi and blood energy, and to allow our body to adjust and heal our body's problems. Therefore, squatting can help you lose weight, especially for some obesity caused by phlegm-dampness.

Some beginners may not understand what is phlegm-dampness, which is a TCM concept. It means that the excess water in our body is trapped in the body due to spleen deficiency and cannot be run out.

Generally, a more obvious sign of phlegm-dampness and obesity is that there is more meat on the stomach, but the other parts of the limbs are not very fat. Then, from the tongue, the tongue coating is heavier, and there are tooth marks (that is, marks like gears) on both sides of the tongue.

By cultivating the body's qi and blood, stagnant can restore the weak spleen and stomach. When the spleen is not deficient, it will naturally be able to circulate phlegm and dampness out. Then obesity caused by phlegm-dampness will naturally be fine.

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