Insufficient kidney qi practice standing for 10 minutes a day

Traditional Chinese medicine has a saying that "all diseases start from cold, and cold is born from the feet", and the feet are called "the second heart". After the age of forty, the muscles of the buttocks tend to gradually atrophy, sag, and the lower body becomes thinner and thinner.

On the other hand, standing meditation is based on the feet to firmly take root, connect the sky and the earth, adjust the qi machine, and carry out the fitness activities of cleansing yin and increasing yang with less physical energy consumption. important.

Standing meditation is the easiest way to keep healthy for modern people

zhan zhuang has a long history and is the earliest health preservation technique on record. As early as 2,000 years ago, there was a record in the "Huangdi Neijing" that "lifts the heavens and the earth, grasps the yin and yang, breathes the essence, independently guards the spirit, and the muscles are like one".

"Stand like a pine, sit like a bell", this is the health care method advocated by ancient Chinese health practitioners. Compared to sitting, when a person is upright, the load on the lumbar intervertebral disc is less.

When a person is standing, blood circulation is 30% faster than when sitting, so the person's spirit is higher than when sitting.

Practice has proved that standing meditation practice can regulate breathing, smooth blood circulation, relax muscles and collaterals, warm muscles, clear meridians, make the nervous system get enough rest and exercise, promote the metabolism of various systems in the body, and enhance the firmness and stability of the legs. Flexibility, improve the function of internal organs, so as to achieve the purpose of maintaining health, curing diseases, strengthening the body and improving intelligence.

In daily exercise, people are often accustomed to "exercise". Lu Jingshan, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, believes that it is enough to put your mind down, put on a good posture, and be quiet.

When exercising, you need to have the degree. If you have the degree, you will strengthen the body. If you lose the degree, you will easily lose the balance of yin and yang, which will damage the body. The stance seems to be motionless, but in fact it is moving all the time. Correspondingly, smooth blood and calm the heart.

zhan zhuang have a point

1. loose

The foundation of the standing meditation is to relax the mind and body as much as possible. The first thing should be to relax your mind and consciousness. When standing, you should let go of all active thoughts and get rid of distracting thoughts.

The second is physical relaxation, from head to toe, from viscera, bones, muscles to skin, hair, and then to the body surface, the whole body should be loose everywhere.

2. Quiet

When standing meditation, choose a relatively quiet environment, followed by a clean mind and body, focus on the things in front of you, don’t think about other things, don’t look outside, and don’t listen.

3. Nature

standing meditation should let everything go with the flow, consciousness is natural, breathing is natural, body is natural, unintentional or unintentional, and cannot be forced.

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