Precautions for standing meditation, a must-see for beginners and new scholars


After years of standing meditation, I have summed up a few points. I hope to exchange experience with fans. At the same time, for friends who are new to getting started, avoid detours. Welcome to follow me, bookmark my blog website, and leave a message if you have any questions.

Standing meditation is the basic skill of martial arts. for example,Shaolin boxing has horse-step standing, Xinyiquan has three-body standing, Taijiquan has Wuji standing, Dachengquan has Hunyuan standing and contradiction standing. Many qigongs are completed in standing meditation. so it is really very important for us.

Standing meditation can be used for health maintenance and combat. But are there any taboos on standing? What are the caveats for it?

You must know that no matter how good things are, they have two sides. Although delicious food is good, the right amount of food can fully reflect the high nutritional value, but excessive consumption will cause three highs and even cause a variety of diseases.

The same is true for Standing meditation. If you ignore the due problems, in addition to the difficulty in achieving health and fitness effects, it will also cause various discomforts to the body.

1. Don't wear tight clothes to stand, wear loose clothes or elastic casual clothes, and women should not wear high heels. Wearing loose clothes is conducive to the circulation of Qi and blood, and is conducive to recognizing the changes in one's own sense of work;

2. we must choose the standing method that suits us differently from person to person. The frail and sick people can choose to sit or lie down, and then perform standing exercises after they get better. Those with better physical fitness can appropriately increase the standing time; for those with poor physical fitness or older people, the time is gradually extended. For those who take health preservation as the purpose, comfort and nature are the main principle, and the purpose is to cultivate and exercise "inner qi". For those who aim at martial arts, the stance selected and practiced must meet the requirements of martial arts, and the essential rule is to enhance the skill;

3. Do not stand in a state of starvation. Hunger is a state of lack of energy in the body. If the energy supply required by standing can not keep up, it will consume excessive internal energy, which is not good for health. Don't rush to stand if you are too full, because the body will be dominated by stomach digestion at this time, and standing will cause gastrointestinal discomfort;

4. Take natural breathing as the degree of standing, do not deliberately pursue breathing. When you feel that breathing is not enough or your chest is tight, you can naturally take a deep breath or take a deep breath. This state is transitional breathing. When the body continues to relax and enter After resting, the breathing will become slow and even, so as to form a normal breathing;

5. When standing, the eyes can be opened or closed, or half-open and half-closed. What method is adopted is completely up to the self-feeling of the person standing. If you feel that closing your eyes can quickly become calm, close your eyes slightly. If you experience body swaying or sleepiness while your eyes are closed, open your eyes slowly;

6. When the standing time is short, there is no problem of receiving power. However, when the standing time is about 1 hour, you should not put your hands down suddenly at the end of standing, and you should move your limbs appropriately, such as lightly tapping your arms, moving your legs slightly in place, etc., and then put your arms down;

7, For patients with neurasthenia or neurosis, do not stand too late at night, so as not to fall asleep. Some people can fully rest their brains after standing, and as a result, there is no sleepiness; some people are more excited after standing, but can't fall asleep. Of course, there are also some people who soon fall asleep after standing;

8. After standing to a certain level, the phenomenon of qi engine activation may occur, that is, leg muscle tremors or spontaneous movements. At this time, neither deliberately strengthen nor deliberately restrain. You can also open your eyes and relax your body, and the tremors or spontaneity will diminish or stop.

9, Do not deliberately pursue the sense of gas. After standing in a good position, try to stay relaxed and calm. After you have the effect of "inner qi", you can properly recognize it. When there is no sense of qi or the sense of qi is weak, don't pull out the seedlings to encourage growth, but let it occur naturally and change naturally. ;

10. When the outdoor cold wind is strong, you should stand indoors, especially not standing in the air to practice the exercises. Because the body is relaxed when standing, the pores are opened, and the evil qi of cold and dampness can easily enter the human body, causing people to catch cold and catch a cold;

11. Don't stand still. Especially for those who are weak and sick, when they feel uncomfortable, they can lower their arms a bit, or change their lower limbs to a standing position. For the feet, when the legs are particularly tired, it can be practiced in a sitting position; if some people feel boring when standing, they can also use some dynamic exercises to practice;

12. Different factions of boxing or health-preserving exercises all have standing practice methods. The practitioner should choose a fixed system of exercises to practice, because although the standing exercises of different factions are all practiced in the standing style, these stances are not. The postures and essentials are not the same, and some are even contradictory;

13. Persistence is the most important thing in standing. Don't be in a hurry to get success. The changes in the body caused by squatting are slow, and only after a corresponding accumulation of time can the functional changes of various organs be gradually improved, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening muscles and bones, and dredging the meridians. In addition, there is room for each stance. Don’t end the stance until you are exhausted. If you still feel tired after a night’s rest, you need to adjust the amount of squatting exercise for the day.

14. Just after taking a shower, don't stand. Just after taking a bath, the skin of the body opens and closes properly, the qi is unstable, and the yang qi dissipates too much, which is easy to attract the evil spirits and thieves into the body. In addition, after standing up and sweating all over, some colleagues will take a shower immediately. this is not right. Wait until the sweat is gone.

15. After intercourse, don't stand. Some fellows, after having sex, can't sleep, thinking, use the stance to restore strength and spirit, don't do this, Donde, I know that some people have formed such a bad habit, which leads to the disorder of qi, not only standing. Instead of making the body better, the pile shatters the body. Not worth the loss.

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