Standing meditation: It has a miraculous effect on the treatment of high blood pressure.

After my practice, Standing meditation Qigong is very effective in the treatment of high blood pressure.

The cause of high blood pressure

Our heart beats every day, pumping blood into the whole body. After the heart pumps the blood out, it enters the aorta. After the aorta is connected to the blood, it will continue to contract and transmit the blood to the arteries, capillaries, and the whole body.

The most difficult places for blood to reach:

1) head

2) finger end

3) The end of the toe and the farthest place from the heart

Under normal circumstances, to see if a person has signs of heart problems, touch his hands, if the hands and feet are cold, you must know that there is a problem with blood delivery. Overheating of hands and feet. Too red, too high, is also a problem of the heart. Cold hands and feet means that the heartbeat is weak, and overheated hands and feet indicate that the heart beats too fast, too fierce, and too tired, all of which are very dangerous.

When it comes to high blood pressure, let's talk about what high blood pressure is. Blood pressure is used to transport blood. When there is insufficient blood pressure, the blood flow rate will slow down. Only with proper blood pressure can blood be sent to the whole body. . However, if the blood pressure is too low, it cannot be delivered, and if the blood pressure is too high, the blood vessels will be under pressure, squeezed, or even burst, resulting in cerebral hemorrhage.

Our bodies don't allow the blood flow to slow down. Because every cell in the body needs blood to transport nutrients. Only then can it survive and continue to metabolize. When the blood flow slows down, the brain, hands and feet will all send out an alarm.

Many doctors emphasize that patients with high blood pressure should lower their blood pressure, emphasizing that high blood lipids and high cholesterol will cause high blood pressure, but you have overlooked one point, high blood lipids and high cholesterol are incapable of regulating blood pressure, high blood pressure is not cholesterol, blood lipids cause of. is cholesterol. Blood lipids cause the blood viscosity to increase and the blood flow to slow down. It is the body that raises the blood pressure, and the body finds that the blood flow slows down and has to raise the blood pressure. It takes a lot of effort for the body to do this. It needs to continuously secrete hormones through the kidneys to contract muscle tissue and increase blood pressure, so as to help the blood flow to reach the normal level that the body needs. At this point you are overdrafting your life.

If you take antihypertensive drugs casually, it often means that the body's innate self-protection function has spent a lot of effort to adjust the blood pressure to balance its own functions, and you artificially break it. At this time, you are not saving your life but taking your own life. This is a fact, and it is also why high blood pressure has become an incurable disease for so many years, and why patients with high blood pressure need to take medicine for a lifetime, because the blood pressure medicine taken by patients with high blood pressure is not used to treat the disease, but to interact with their own functions. That's right, you have to go against it until you die.

Hypertensive patients are often very happy, "whoops" my blood pressure is normal! But you look at him, his complexion is not normal. His physical strength is abnormal, his mentality is abnormal, many people are stupid and sad, thinking that normal blood pressure is normal, but the key point is that you need a normal physique rather than simply normal blood pressure.

There is a contradiction here, how should we deal with hypertension.

First of all, we should not use blood pressure drugs easily, but try to change the blood flow rate. Once the blood flow changes, your body will not adjust the blood pressure. As long as the flow rate returns to normal, the blood pressure will naturally return to normal. There are two keys to flow, one, to restore the elasticity of blood vessels. two. Removes substances that cause blood viscosity and increase in blood vessels. All nutrients that can help reduce blood cholesterol and blood fat increase, and naturally these can return to normal.

Why does standing meditation have a curative effect on high blood pressure, or even cure it?

First of all, standing meditation can improve the elasticity of blood vessels and effectively increase the blood flow rate. It is an overall exercise method. Easy to learn and easy to use. The starting point of Dachengquan zhan zhuang is muscle and bone training. We can understand this effect place as blood vessels and ligaments. Under the premise that the stance does not move, the beating frequency of the heart is not increased and the blood flow rate is accelerated. Act on the whole body. Sufficient nutrients and internal impurities are eliminated, changing physiological functions can make the body strong, and standing meditation can make the vascular ligament grow again, thicken the blood vessel wall and give high-performance physiological elasticity, making the ligament stronger. If the blood is good, the bones will be good, and if the bones are good, the marrow will be good.

zhan zhuang qigong must be corrected by a master regularly. Don't feel that it doesn't matter, if the posture is wrong, it will only get worse and worse. will backfire.

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