The Secret of Standing Meditation(zhan zhuang、standing qigong)

Demonstration by Ma Shiqi, a“zhan zhuang” teacher from China

"Zhan Zhuang" is Standing Meditation

The most important and basic stance in all martial arts is Zhan Zhuang.  Mastering this item is to heal your body and mind. It is also the entrance portal to the realms of Power.

"Zhan Zhuang" is a basic skill of martial arts and a medical sport. Exercise is very helpful for honing one's mind and perseverance. 

Standing Meditation is the most unique training method in martial arts. It uses the method of standing still to cultivate the breath, enhance the strength, and exercise the vitality of the whole body, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, fitness, self-cultivation and self-defense. 

Normal standing and “zhan zhuang”standing

The meaning of the word "zhuang" is taken from "stump". its meaning is: on the one hand, it is said to be as stationary and stable as a "stump",practicing the mobilization of visceral breath and the growth of strength in the stillness is the so-called "seeking movement in stillness"; on the other hand, it means that through the exercise of Zhuang gong, the breath is mobilized, the strength is increased, and the lower part of the human body can be as stable and motionless as the pole.

"Zhan Zhuangcan quickly enter the state of meditation, let the body's blood and "qi"  flow smoothly,  promote the blood circulation of the whole body, clear the toxins in the body, inacrease the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, empty the feces, and the breathing, opening and closing of various organs in the body followed. Every cell in the body nourishes the brain, increases intelligence and prolongs life, and beauty care.

"Zhan Zhuang" is an aerobic exercise. Although the body does not move, the organs in the body are moving. Such exercise can gradually reduce the heart rate and make the breathing longer and longer. The average oxygen consumption of breathing increases, which is beneficial to heart disease and low physical strength. , The early recovery of patients who are recovering from a serious illness is of great benefit. Medical proof, the longer the breathing, the lower the heart rate, the longer the life.

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