The Way of Rehabilitation of Tumor Patients Practicing Zhanzhuang Qigong

The reason why this article is called the recovery of cancer patients, there must be a method of recovery, but the basis of the method is your "heart". As long as the "heart" does not die, there is no need for the body to die. There must be a way of redemption.

In fact, compared with the critically ill cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, the critically ill patients with coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease definitely surpass the critical ones of cancer, just like the cancer patients were sentenced to death with reprieve by the doctor, and the execution is only suspended, which may last 3-6 months. Or a life span of 3-5 years; but compared with cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients are like being sentenced to death by doctors, and they are ready to execute them immediately. This is the most terrifying thing. When you come home with the horror of death, tea will not I don't want to eat, I can't sleep at night, and death is always with me. The pressure of this kind of death is unimaginable. However, cancer patients are different, because he still has a few months and a few months of respite. , Well, it is the respite time of these few months, which gives patients unlimited vitality, so cancer patients are very lucky compared with critical heart and brain diseases.

If you are a cancer patient, you will ask here, how to save your life! Who can tell me, okay, I'll let you know how to save yourself, only by self-help can you be saved, all external requests and all external climbing will only be exchanged for temporary respite, or temporary spiritual comfort, you have changed a liver, You have changed a kidney, what kind of organ have you changed, but the pain of maintaining the organ and the misery of maintaining and configuring the organ are only known to the patient, but the high cost is beyond what ordinary people can do. This high cost and severe pain, It's not something that ordinary people can afford.

So why be saved for the sake of self-salvation?

First: Don't be deceived by this "heart", because the "heart" is afraid of death, so it drives your soul, then your body will naturally: "You don't want to eat, you can't sleep at night, and death follows you. "Terror always accompanies" If you are driven by this kind of breath, then what you are waiting for is death, because the "heart" is waiting for death. If this heart is you, then you don't let him want to die, why doesn't he listen to you? You don't frighten him, why doesn't he listen to you? You don't frighten him, why doesn't he listen to you? You want him to recover well, why doesn't he listen to you? ,,,,,, Have you ever thought about all this? Therefore, this heart is not us at all, and we must recognize this fact. At this time, you have to get rid of this atmosphere, go out of the house, go to work when you should go to work, do business when you need to do business, and go on business when you need to go on business. change the state of mind, you will find that in about a week, your heart is slowly changing, and death is not so scary! Because your heart is changed by circumstances. Keep going any longer, and you'll forget about the threat of death. 

Second: cancer disease is not terrible, just because there are still a few months to go, so in these few months you have to find a way to extend it in a limited way, and how to extend it in a limited way is to stand up. Our ancestors left us a life-saving remedy, not just for curing diseases, but not only for health preservation. This is a very ancient life science. Using the station to prolong your life, cancer patients only need to believe in the station, As long as you stand hard and stand with the perseverance eager to survive, I can guarantee that your life will continue to be prolonged until recovery.

Because this is the proof of life, I am just a lucky person. I stand on a pile by chance, and I am saved by chance. In the process of chance, I still run in the direction of death. Until one day, the symptoms disappeared and I encountered a real Chinese medicine. Only then did I turn around and really began to stay away from death.

Third: Cancer patients, if they are critically ill, must have a critical response to the disease. As long as you are not frightened by the response to the disease, and use Chinese and Western medicine to curb the development and continuation of the disease, then recovery and death are racing together. This competition The main body is you. If you choose to recover, then you have to endure all the pain, loneliness, and loneliness, because no one really understands you in this process, and no one really knows your inner desire and instinct for survival. Therefore, the only measure is to Standing, continuing to stand, strengthening the standing, using the standing, and using the stationary state of the standing, to obtain microcosmic energy and slowly cleanse the body. Therefore, no matter what kind of critical illness response is at this time, your choice is to persist, persist, and persist! Only then can the time and speed of recovery be won. to escape death.

Fourth: The expulsion response cycle, depending on the severity of the disease and the spread of the cancer, varies in length, ranging from about 3 months to about 5 months. However, as a critically ill patient, as long as the period determined by the doctor has passed , you have won, so you can double your life span, and after doubling this, you are on the verge of complete recovery.

Fifth: During the expelling reaction period, Chinese and Western medicines must be taken as scheduled, and Western medicines are used to curb the disease. Although the side effects are great, there is no way, it must be done. Furthermore, the use of Chinese medicines to regulate the functions of the viscera makes the effect of standing up double the result with half the effort. During the early stage of disease elimination, adjuvant therapy with Chinese and Western medicines must not be rejected.

Sixth: For chemotherapy, especially standing patients, this is a very uncomfortable problem, but it is also a big problem and a directional problem. How to choose cancer patients is very important. If it is only general patients or non-critical cancer patients, it must not be carried out. Chemotherapy, if you've had chemotherapy, and you're reading this article, it doesn't make sense. Because, as long as you go through western medicine chemotherapy, the five transports, six qi, and eight meridians in your body will be destroyed, you will no longer be able to stand up, you will lose your right to stand up, and your right to stand up will be stifled by chemotherapy. . Because when a chemotherapy patient stands, not only can you not stand, but also due to the destruction of the meridians, the body's qi is as empty as paper, the result is sweat like water, panting like a cow, standing like a green onion, the meridians in the body collapse, and it is easy to induce sudden death. The consequences could be disastrous. So you have to choose whether to stand up to save your life, or to treat your illness with chemotherapy. According to the statistics of medical records, how much is the recovery from chemotherapy? The result of chemotherapy is only one: money and death.

How to choose a critically ill patient? At this time, a critically ill patient must have the guarantee of the amount of standing, and can initially receive a limited amount of low-dose, small-cycle chemotherapy. Qi will not be destroyed by chemotherapy, if there is no guarantee of a large number of stances, it will be as described above, and it will be self-defeating. It can also stifle the rapid spread of cancer cells, and can quickly pass through the cycle of the discharge response and shorten the discharge time. However, the basis of chemotherapy must be guaranteed by the number of stations, which is the core issue.

Seventh: The period of clearing the disease is painful and relatively long, but after passing it, it seems that there is no wind and rain. How can we see the rainbow, and all the good things have begun again. Therefore, the treatment after the clearing of the disease is getting easier and simpler. The effect of the stance continues to appear, so it is only a matter of time before getting rid of all the assistance of Chinese and Western medicine.

After the elimination process, it takes about 3-5 months. Basically, you can gradually stay away from Chinese and Western medicine. This is not intentional, but the symptoms of many diseases have disappeared.

Eighth: The subsequent process is relatively simple. The simple thing is to stand and stand again. Then when Western medicine cannot detect cancer cells, it does not mean complete recovery. Only the person who is standing knows this situation. All the cancer cells disappear, then Zhanzhuang will go to the source of the induced disease, and will completely destroy the source of the cancer. If at this time, the illusion of physical health induces you to give up standing, it is very sad, and the consequences in the future, it is very likely that cancer will come again in a few years.

Ninth: Where is the source of cancer and tumor diseases? The patient of Zhuangzhuang will feel the specific location, the cancer cells are gone, and the location of Zhuangzhuang's infuriating impact has changed a lot, and then it goes deep into the organ, and goes deep into the core part of the organ, and it is not over until it reaches the core part. , After eradicating the source of the disease at the core, there is still the core of the source of the disease. Where is the core? At the inducing point of internal organ diseases, this place may have been for several years. The human body cannot feel it, and Western medicine instruments cannot detect it, detect it, and the body cannot feel it. Feeling the old lesions decades ago or about ten years ago, the mysterious mysteries of the body pain points many years ago, will be solved at this time. In the past, you may have thought it was a stomach disease, a pancreas disease, a kidney disease, a nervous system disease,,,,,,,, etc. It turned out to be false. At this time, I finally began to unravel the true face of Mount Lushan.

At this time, standing is also very difficult, because the core of the disease is very hard, very thick, and very stubborn, so the only way and way is to continue to stand. Although it is difficult at this time, it is very happy, because your body has achieved unprecedented health. This kind of health sign will surpass your friends, your classmates, and your family. You don't know what a cold is? Don't know what fatigue is. You are a vigorous person, and your body organs are soft to an unprecedented state. Although the core lesions have not been removed at present, you will find that even if you do not stand up in your life, the core lesions are slowly disappearing. The effect of standing is the same. Occasionally one day, you haven't felt the core lesion for a long time. Then, there is only one result. You have completely bid farewell to the disease. You have created a miracle, a miracle of life, and a miracle of complete recovery of cancer patients!

Finally: Another friend asked if there is a quick recovery plan. Then, the answer is yes. The first question is, you have to believe in cause and effect. If there is such a cause, there must be such an effect. Cultivating the mind will change the trajectory of cause and effect, which is exactly: Karma does not match cause and effect, and cause and effect do not match the power of will!

This article is dedicated to those who seek health!

I would like to write this article: Dedicated to those who are on the brink of life and death and yearn for recovery!

I would like to write this article: Dedicated to those who suffer from illness!

I would like to write this article: Dedicated to the sick on the bed!

 I would like to write this article: Dedicated to those who desire recovery, health, and survival!

Blessings, wishes and prayers!

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