This is how my body changes after I insist on standing meditation

The first time I stood meditation was in my junior year, and the first time I heard about it was in the first few minutes of my school~ I didn't expect that the accidental encounter with zhanzhuang, and my daily perseverance for the past six years, would give I brought such a big change.

1. The body becomes sensitive

Before that, I liked eating crispy chicken, drinking milk tea, and eating all kinds of junk food that I shouldn't eat. Although eating it satisfied my appetite, I didn't know the harm it would do to my body. After standing for a while, I found that drinking milk tea made me dizzy, eating crispy chicken made my stomach bloated, and eating hamburgers made my stomach feel nauseous. My body seemed to resist junk food. For this, I asked the teacher. The teacher said that this is a manifestation of the recovery of the body's righteousness after standing, and the body's alarm mechanism becoming more sensitive to protect it from external evils.

In life, it is not difficult to see those rivers polluted by garbage, the water quality is turbid and smelly. The toxins in junk food are also harmful to our body. They will block our blood vessels, affect the internal organs, and destroy the normal functions of the body. Although they will not cause illness, they will bring great hidden dangers to our health.

Well, standing meditation keeps me from eating junk food as much joy as I used to, but it protects my health.

2. Memory improves

The third year is the busiest time for academics, and the final exam week is very stressful, especially the endorsement pressure. At that time, there was a science of botanical medicine, which required us to identify plants and recite the family and genus of the plants. It is not difficult to recognize plants, but it is not easy to memorize the families and genera corresponding to so many plants. However, I found that nearly a hundred plants were memorized in half an hour, and I remember them very clearly. I have a bad memory since I was a child, and I chose science in high school because I didn't want to endorse it. So I was ecstatic when I found out that my memory improved by leaps and bounds after standing!

3. Less cranky thinking

College time is relatively free, and life is easy to become disorderly. For example, when there is no class in the morning, I will sleep very late, and I will watch Taobao videos in the dormitory at night when I have nothing to do. Although these days are not as depressing and unfree as in high school, I feel very empty in my heart, and it is easy to overthink things. When there is too much, there will be a lot of powerlessness, and the emotions will easily become depressed.

Later, after I started to stand, I would take one to two hours to exercise every night, whether there were classes or not. I would also read some classics in my spare time during the day, and Wen Lai would recite Wu Lai and stick to it. I feel that life has become orderly, and my heart has become enriched, and some of the mediocre thoughts have been reduced a lot.

As the saying goes: If you want to correct your mind, you must first correct your body. I see that many people now have depression and anxiety disorders, which are actually closely related to mental instability. These diseases reflect confusion, dissatisfaction, helplessness, and anxiety in people's hearts. So how do you calm your mind? I think squatting is a good way - stances adjust the body shape, and it is neutral and upright. (It is especially suitable for those friends who have stooped and slumped back, wrapped shoulders, and have a lot of emotional internal friction!)

4.The ability to think stronger

How did I feel that my thinking skills had grown stronger? For example, when I am particularly panicked, I can quickly judge what to do next; when I read a difficult book, I can understand it quickly, and my reading efficiency is greatly improved ; I can gain insight into people in complex interpersonal relationships. needs, so as to balance conflicts of interest and resolve conflicts...

Why does the stand still work like this? ! The teacher told me: This is the performance of the "comprehension" becoming stronger. What is enlightenment? Comprehension is structurally the five mouths of the mind, and the five mouths correspond to the five elements . A person's comprehension is reflected in the smoothness of his five elements. The better the smoothness of Zhouliu, the more comprehensive his ability to see problems, the more inferences he can draw, and the quicker his reaction. Standing stance can not only regulate the body, but also soften the five elements, so people who have practiced for a long time will have the feeling that their understanding has become stronger.

5. More calm and calm

Standing meditation requires us to stand in one position for at least half an hour and not be able to do anything, which is very irritating. But stillness can beget wisdom, it can help us become more calm and calm.

When I realized this change in myself, it was an experience of quarreling with my boyfriend. After the quarrel, I went back to the dormitory alone, and my boyfriend didn't chase after me, so I was so angry that I wanted to break up! ! ! When I got back to the dormitory, I felt that my mood was fluctuating too much, so I stood there for a while. During the process of standing, my heart gradually calmed down. Through Vipassana, I saw that I also did not do well in this matter. I saw my boyfriend's tolerance for me, and I lost my anger and thought about it. method of coping.

A lot of times we get cranky and anxious because what's happening right now is beyond our control. If we can keep our minds clear and clear, and watch from time to time, we will be much more relaxed when encountering problems.

After standing meditation, the improvement in my physical constitution, emotions, thinking state, etc. made me realize that the internal friction we often face is actually closely related to everyone's physical and mental health.

So when I was a senior, I founded a physical and mental health management center, hoping to have more friends to join us and learn together to achieve a healthy, happy, and wonderful lifestyle. This kind of happiness is different from the happiness that you will be happy if you lose it, but it is the happiness that comes naturally when you have a clear mind and no worries. This kind of brilliance is the brilliance brought about by self-worth after hard work and harvest. And this requires physical and mental health as the foundation, and can only be achieved after improving the physical and mental energy level.

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