Treating Type 2 Diabetes Cases with Gegen Decoction

The patient is a 45-year-old male with type 2 diabetes. He has been using insulin to control blood sugar for the past 3 years. Although the dosage of insulin has been increasing, blood sugar cannot be controlled. He has headache, neck pain, and tinnitus for one month. Not easy to sweat, myopia, bitter mouth, thirst, dry tongue, dark color, white coating, slippery pulse, good appetite, healthy bowel and urine.

The original recipe for Gegen Decoction (Pueraria Root 20g ,  Ephedra (Before putting other medicines in, boil it with water for half an hour) 15g ,  Guizhi 10g , Ginger (sliced) 15g,  Zhigancao 10g ,  Bai Shao 10g ,  Red Jujube 20g) 。

Take 6 doses.

Later, I received feedback from the patient: after taking 3 doses, the daily insulin dosage decreased by 6 units, and after 6 doses, the daily insulin consumption decreased by 12 units. The blood sugar was well controlled and within the normal range; the headache was gone, and the cervical spine was still slightly painful. Quite good", "These days are the most relaxing days for psychological pressure in the past two years." If the effect is not better, give the original prescription another 3 doses to consolidate.

Note: Diabetes is a medical problem in the world, and its pathogenesis is complex. I have accumulated some sporadic experience based on the clinical evidence of medicines and prescriptions, and have accumulated some sporadic experience. Welcome to my blog.

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