What is the origin of the unicorn, the beast that sends children in Chinese myths and legends?

In China's traditional culture, unicorn is the grandson of Yinglong, the ancient auspicious beast, the spirit of suppressing evil, and the symbol of Confucianism!

According to the ancient book "Huainanzi", the unicorn is the grandson of the ancient god Yinglong.

Yinglong, also known as Huanglong, is an ancient dragon god who helped Huangdi defeat Chiyou in ancient times. The totem of the ancient Ji family is the unicorn, so the people believe that the Ji surname is the descendant of the unicorn.

The unicorn is the beast of Chery in ancient Chinese mythology and literature. The male is called "Qi" and the female is called "Lin", collectively known as "Ki Lin".

The unicorn is a kind of virtual creature. Like the "dragon" and "phoenix", the unicorn does not exist in real life. It is the "representation" of the Chinese people's yearning for beauty. The beautiful skins are the same, but the meaning of beauty is one in a thousand. The appearance of the unicorn is composed of the body parts of six animals, each part of which is concentrated in the rich imagination of the ancients. The unicorn, a mythical beast in fantasy, has been concentrated on the merits of several cherished animals.

The dragon's head symbolizes supremacy, the antlers reveal a noble temperament, the lion's mane symbolizes majesty and martial arts, a pair of tiger eyes glares at everything, the dexterous elk body is covered with hard dragon scales, and the elegant oxtail shows the will of the ancestors. Ancient Totem﹞,

The ancients carved the auspicious beast unicorn on the utensils, beams and pillars as a spiritual medium for the pursuit of divine power, expressing the ancient people's beautiful yearning for a happy life.

The unicorn is the divine beast with the heaviest aura of righteousness, and cannot hold any evil in its eyes, so it is the first choice for warding off evil spirits.

The unicorn is like a full-featured Swiss Army knife in Feng Shui. It is effective in exorcising evil spirits, keeping the house, preventing Tai Sui, and attracting wealth. It is the best thing for a person who is extremely honest and kind to put a unicorn at home. . In addition to warding off evil spirits, what the unicorn is best at is to resolve the three evils, the five yellow evils, the peach blossom evil, and the sick star evil.

However, it is best not to worship unicorns in ordinary families. The unicorn is a "double-edged sword". Those who insist on justice will be protected when they worship the unicorn.

But people are not gods after all, so it is inevitable that they will have feelings and desires, and evil thoughts. Once people have evil thoughts, the unicorn will punish them, so it is enough to regard the unicorn as a belief, and it is easy not to offer incense.

The legend of unicorn giving birth has been circulating for nearly a thousand years. People believe that unicorn is the messenger of sending sons, and often women who dream of unicorn before giving birth will give birth to a smart and healthy baby boy. A compliment from talented and intelligent boys.

Legend has it that before the birth of Confucius, the founder of the Confucian sect, Father Confucius and Mother Confucius prayed to heaven to give them a healthy son. Soon after, a unicorn riding a colorful auspicious cloud broke through the dark night and entered Confucius' house.

Qilin held a silk book in his mouth, on which was written a large line of characters:

"The descendants of Shui Jing, who declined the Zhou Dynasty and became the King of Su, conquered the wise."

It means "the descendants of the dragon, who possess the virtuous and wise wisdom of the emperor, but do not have the order of the emperor, and are a wise man". Confucius was born the day after the Qilin left. And Confucius did not live up to his expectations. He studied diligently and studied hard, and finally achieved a great academic achievement. He also set up a wide range of education and education, so that the Chinese civilization continued uninterruptedly, and he became a great sage in the history of the Chinese nation. 

In addition, since the unicorn accompanied the birth of Confucius, the people believed that Confucius was the "preferred son of heaven" bestowed by the unicorn, so people worshiped the unicorn as the god of sending children, expecting their children to be as intelligent and wise as Confucius.

In troubled times, the unicorn is a divine beast that eliminates evil and promotes good; in prosperous times, the unicorn is an auspicious beast that sings happiness. The sacred unicorn carries too much cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. He is the cultural symbol of Chinese children and is as indispensable as the dragon and the phoenix. cultural symbol.

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