Nine ordinary exercises are not as good as one standing meditation, the benefits of Tai Chi standing meditation exercises!

Standing meditation can not only maintain the mind, but also exercise the body; it can not only strengthen the brain, but also increase the physical strength. Don't underestimate this standing meditation, "every movement is worse than a stillness, and every exercise is worse than a single station".

Adhering to the correct standing meditation also has a good therapeutic effect on headaches and insomnia. People who want to lose weight can achieve weight loss through Tai Chi standing meditation, and at the same time prevent chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and hypertension. In addition to this, standing meditation has great health benefits for muscle and skeletal tissue. The treatment of high blood pressure by standing piles is achieved by acting on the nervous system. Standing post therapy has three main effects on hypertension:

1. Standing meditation therapy can regulate blood pressure, which not only has the effect of gradually lowering blood pressure, but also can adjust the low blood pressure and gradually return to normal.

2. When taking antihypertensive drugs for a long time and the effect is not obvious, the blood pressure can be gradually lowered by standing and practicing. Moreover, the longer the practice period, the more stable the effect.

3. After standing and practicing the exercises, the patient's symptoms such as headache and dizziness can be eliminated, and the blood pressure will also drop at the same time and return to normal.

Standing post treatment of hypertension requires long-term adherence in order to obtain a consolidated effect.

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