Practicing standing meditation cured my sudden deafness, I am interested in seeking truth in Xinyang, Henan

The first time I came into contact with standing meditation was in the late 1980s. At that time, I didn’t know how to combine work with rest when I was reading, and my health was very poor. I had constant colds for many years. I tried Chinese and Western meditation, but the effect was not very good. Later, I saw in the "Wulin" magazine that Mr. Wang Anping's zhan zhuang meditation can cure diseases, so I started the practice according to the introduction in the book, 10 minutes each time, and gradually extended to early, 40 minutes in the middle and 40 minutes in the evening, from the beginning of the heat and numbness in the fingers, to the feeling that the body suddenly became bigger and smaller, or the breathing and the body no longer existed, the external sounds and pedestrians could not affect me at all, and I truly experienced "ignoring and hearing but not hearing". . After a period of time, I felt severe pain in the head, which was unbearable. After many times of severe pain, I felt fear in my heart. Who knows that after that, his physical condition will gradually return to normal. Only later did it become known that these were focal reactions. I wanted to go deeper into the practice, but I didn't dare to stand anymore because there was no teacher to teach in person.

Due to my work, I have been sitting for a long time, and I have entered old age. Some office-specific diseases also manifested in me. Back pain, bone hyperplasia, etc. came as scheduled, so I had to pick up the standing meditation again. But this time it is the theory first, and I bought a lot of books to study. For more than two years, I have been meditating by standing for one hour a day, and the effect is still quite obvious. Various problems have been solved or alleviated, and my body has also undergone significant changes. In the winter last year, most people wore two clothes, but I only wore one. , I got a bad cold on a self-driving tour, and I didn't take medicine in time. It took a long time to get better. In January of this year, I found that my left ear seemed to be blocked by a foreign body. After that, there seemed to be water in it, and there was a sound of water flowing when I moved left and right. I thought it was the shampoo that entered my ear. The outer ear was checked by a top-three hospital, but it was an inner ear problem. The doctor diagnosed it as "sudden deafness". The doctor prescribed medicine for a week, but the symptoms did not change after taking the medicine. , has formed irreversible deafness, it is recommended to try the hanging needle in hospital, but the curative effect is not guaranteed.

The expert's diagnosis made me a little frustrated. If the regular hospital couldn't work, I went to a private doctor for treatment. I found an ancestral Chinese medicine specialist for deafness in a neighboring province through the Internet. The online reply "can be cured, 4,500 RMB for three courses, and the ear will appear in the first course of treatment." itchiness". This sentence reminded me, and I immediately thought of standing and meditating recently. I also had itchy ears from time to time. The doctor also said that the deafness may be due to blocked blood vessels. Is it possible to open up the meridians and improve hearing through standing meditation? I was determined to give it a try and perform targeted standing exercises. One is to increase the sense of qi in Dantian, and the other is to guide the qi in the body to circulate the XIAO ZHOU TIAN. Pain gradually appeared on the front side, the pain increased from mild to severe, and finally gradually eased. The tinnitus gradually disappeared, the feeling of foreign body blockage and the sound of water flow disappeared, and the hearing returned to normal! The mind feels clearer, the so-called "irreversible deafness" after a month of standing meditation, and that's it. The colleagues in the unit are very happy for me, and also feel the magic of standing meditation. There are also people around them who have this condition, and they have been to Guangzhou and Shanghai for treatment but not healed. I passed the information to them, and now several colleagues are standing meditating.

Through this standing exercise, I feel that as an office worker, in addition to standing still, I should also practice some dynamic exercises. Hunyuan Zhuang is the foundation of Dachengquan. Now that I have the foundation of Hunyuan Zhuang, I want to continue to explore the mysteries of meditation and learn Dachengquan systematically. Since mid-October, I have stood up against the book, and I have been on a pole of conflict for half an hour a day. If you feel that you are standing right, you still need a teacher to guide you. Through the Internet, I found a Dachengquan "Ming family" teacher Li Zhaoshan. Mr. Li has written a lot, the essence of boxing is easy to understand, and the teaching method is unique and effective. He is a teacher with theory and practice. He is also a direct disciple of Mr. Wang Xuanjie. CCTV and Henan TV have broadcasted him. After making an appointment with Mr. Li in advance, I and I came to Xinyang by high-speed rail from Nanning on December 1 for more than 8 hours.

The one I studied at the same time was Shi Kai from Zhengzhou. Brother Shi Kai has been retired for more than two years, and he is also a martial arts enthusiast. Common interests made us speculative, and we decided to take advantage of this learning opportunity. According to the normal 7-day teaching plan, we systematically learned Dachengquan's Hunyuan Pile, Contradiction Pile, Hook File Test, Friction Step, Triangle Step, Step Step, Fan Palm, King Kong Knee, Circle Hammer, Pao Quan, etc.

Mr. Li's teaching is very serious, from the operation of the method to the in-depth principle. For example, when learning to practice Hunyuan Zhuang, the teacher starts with the Zhuang posture first. In this regard, the teacher repeatedly pointed out that we should use a simple method to enter the state of standing, instead of restricting the standing according to the rules and regulations in the book. Regarding the purpose and principle requirements of Hunyuan, the teacher explained for 1-1. I heard very clearly; when standing on the contradictory pile, the teacher said that this pile can cultivate and exercise "inner strength", and the principle requirement is "muscle relaxation and strength". For this reason, the teacher also personally showed us the effect of strength, so that we can understand Very thorough.

We thought that it would be enough to master the basic exercises through learning, but the later learning really exceeded our imagination. When walking the friction step, we exercised balance and achieved stability while experiencing the wholeness; under the feeling of "pushing without moving" in the contradiction, the teacher asked us to gradually change the posture to perceive "strength". It can even form an overall force; under the premise of auxiliary actions, the speed is slowed down and the amplitude is reduced, so as to strengthen the overall force; in order to let us feel the resistance, the teacher taught us the "Vajra Experience".

After learning the basic content, we still have nothing to do, and extended the time to learn the core training method. In this regard, the teacher warned: This part of the content will not be learned and done like the basic exercises, but it must be understood and mastered. As long as the method is correct, the effect will be gradually reflected. In addition to normal training, we also learned the dance that is composed of various exercises. Although we are just learning, we are not very skilled, but we can still practice.

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