Free divination for you with I CHING reading

Hello everyone!

I am a fortune teller from China.My name is Wanli Honghu.

My english is not very good,but I've been learning Chinese fortune-telling for ten years.

I hope to be able to use what I have learned to serve my friends overseas.

The earth is round, we live together on this vibrant planet, the sun and moon rise and set every day, and every day we experience has day and night, just like our life, there are highs and lows.

Life will not be smooth sailing, there will always be difficulties and pains of one kind or another for us to taste, like a long night, without confidence, sometimes we lose ourselves.

Faced with many life problems, we cannot directly get the answer, nor can we directly see the future. Therefore, after hundreds of thousands of years of research, the ancients passed on to us an ancient secret method called "I CHING".

From this method of inheritance, the ancients came up with a fortune-telling method called "6yao", which can be used for divination on the things you ask, such as love, marriage, relationships, work, disasters, wealth, longevity, disease, etc. .

I've been learning this fortune-telling for ten years. Answered the confusion in the hearts of many people and gave them hope and guidance in life.

As a way of life practice, I am willing to help you solve your questions for free, whether it is love, work, or wealth.

Welcome everyone to come to me for consultation.

My divination method has the following requirements for you to do:

1. Find a quiet place.

2. Put your hands together and close your eyes.

3. Silently think about the question you want to ask. This question needs to be specific and the subject is clear.

4. Silently recite the question you want to ask three times in your mind, and then randomly come up with three numbers (ranging from 1-9).

5. Email me your question and the three numbers you think of, write clearly your gender and age, and some simple background of the question.


I will reply to your email within three days.

A happy and fulfilling life depends on your heart. If you can guide yourself to see the future, you will know what to do. Troubles and sorrows will be far away from you, your heart will be at peace, and your vision of the world will reach a new height.

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