Standing once a day is actually the "best exercise"? Receive this no-cost recipe for longevity →

When it comes to health preservation, everyone will think of what to eat. What I recommend today is not a tonic, nor a diet, but a habit. This longevity recipe doesn’t cost you a penny, but the benefits are endless.

Chinese medicine master Wang Lie has been a doctor for more than 50 years, and has diagnosed and treated 600,000 patients. Because he sees hundreds of patients every day, he sits for five or six hours. As time goes on, dizziness, chest tightness, waist and abdomen strains follow one after another. .

As a doctor, Professor Wang Lie immediately adjusted his strategy. Since 1990, Wang Lie has changed from "sitting consultation" to "standing consultation", which has persisted for more than 30 years.

Every time the child who came to see a doctor was lying or sitting on the bed, Wang Lie would stand aside to see the doctor for several hours at a time.


Of course, standing for medical treatment is not motionless. During the diagnosis and treatment process, the waist and legs are constantly moving.

After a period of time when the sitting clinic was changed to an established clinic, Professor Wang Lie's previous series of health problems miraculously disappeared! Over the years, Professor Wang Lie has summed up the benefits of outpatient clinics:

To prevent cervical spondylosis, this disease is a doctor's occupational disease. If you bow your head for a long time and don't move your cervical spine for a long time, cervical spondylosis will come to you.

Second, to prevent coronary heart disease, the heart controls the blood vessels and stores the spirit, and the combination of movement and stillness is beneficial to the heart, while sitting for a long time will cause qi and blood to be stagnant and prone to coronary heart disease.

Three prevention of prostate disease, sedentary qi and blood imbalance, can be described as worse for the elderly.

Four prevention of anal disease, all people who sit for a long time, the anorectal qi and blood are not smooth, and the disease will be caused by stasis.

Five cancer prevention, cancer is found in all parts of the human body, the disease is caused by poisonous qi and blood, sedentary qi and blood injury, will certainly contribute to the occurrence of cancer.

Not only Wang Lie, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, but also experts from all over the world are persuading everyone to stand more and sit less.

At present, chairs and sofas have become the closest companions of human beings.

After waking up, people spend more than 60% of their time sitting, an average of more than 9 hours, and half of that time is continuously sitting.

This habit can lead to a range of health problems, including shoulder, neck, back pain, obesity, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

On the contrary, if you can stand for two hours a day, it can effectively prevent diseases, and many small problems in the body will gradually disappear.

When standing, the heart rate will increase by 10 times per minute on average, and the human body can burn 0.7 kcal more calories per minute, which is 50 kcal per hour.

At the same time, standing can improve posture and relieve back pain; it can speed up blood circulation and promote cardiovascular health; people are more willing to walk when standing.

Another British study confirmed that if you can stand for 5 days a week and a total of 3 hours a day for a long time, the fitness effect is comparable to running 10 marathons.

This is because when standing, all the muscles in the legs are working. If you go with walking or other movements, the amount of muscle activity will increase and the calories will be consumed.

If you go out for a walk on a sunny day, it is also good for bone health and can prevent and alleviate osteoporosis.

Standing can move the position of the heart upwards, making it temporarily difficult for blood to return to the heart. To improve this problem, dramatic changes occur in the body.

For example, increase the heart rate, shrink peripheral blood vessels, etc., thereby stimulating blood circulation, improving edema, low metabolism and other problems.

In addition, standing can make the chest cavity surrounding the lungs move smoothly, allowing oxygen to fill the body, and the metabolic function becomes stronger.

We have an idiom in China: sitting and waiting to die. The same is true for health. Sitting for a long time is "sitting and waiting to die"

If you can control the daily sitting time to 3 hours to 5 hours, it will be of great benefit. The specific operations are listed for everyone.

Changes in many details can help us develop the habit of standing.

For example, drink water from a small-capacity cup and increase the number of times you stand up to collect water; if you feel sleepy in the afternoon, you can use standing and walking instead of coffee.

Don't sit on the sofa watching TV, you might as well watch it standing up. When you are tired from standing, you can water the flowers, feed the fish, do housework, open the window and look at it for a while, all of which can keep you away from the sofa.

If you are an office worker, lunch is the best opportunity for office workers to stand up and move, and you must seize it.

It’s best to refuse takeout and eat out as much as you can, otherwise you’ll spend the whole day at your desk.

Middle-aged and elderly friends should not take a morning break after lunch. It is best to stroll around the house for 10 minutes, or stand for a while before resting.

Use public transportation as much as possible to travel. You might as well get off the bus one stop earlier and walk home when you get home from work. You can exercise and look at the scenery along the road to relieve the fatigue of the whole day. When you go out to do errands, you can park your car a little further away. Increase your chances of walking.

Regular practice of standing on one leg can concentrate the mind and direct the body's qi and blood to the soles of the feet. It has the effect of auxiliary relief for high blood pressure, diabetes, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, etc. It can also improve cerebellar atrophy, prevent gout, etc., and strengthen the human body. immunity.

At the beginning of the practice, you can let the heels of both feet leave the ground a little; after getting used to it, stand on tiptoe with the forefoot of both feet, and finally transition to standing with the forefoot of one foot on tiptoe.

Stand with alternating legs, 1-2 minutes on each foot is best.

Standing stance, also known as squatting stance, is an important basic skill in martial arts, Tai Chi and Daoyin. Ways to relieve muscle aging can be practiced at home or in the office.

Practice: Separate your legs, shoulder width, stand naturally, lift your hands flat in front of your body; bend your knees slowly and evenly and squat down; your knees are flexed to 130° to 150°.

Stance should be done step by step, 5 to 15 minutes per exercise, usually once a day or 2 to 3 times a day.

When doing horse stance, the knees must not exceed the toes. When middle-aged and elderly friends do squatting, their hands should grasp the head of the bed, other handrails or door frames, and do it slowly and steadily. The squatting speed should not be fast.


if you stand, then I will stand all the time, okay?

Health care pays attention to the degree of health, not the longer the better, and standing still for a long time will also damage your health, you should move more while standing.

The simplest secret method of longevity, don't rely on eating, just stand up! Don’t spend a penny, treat illnesses, and strengthen your body without illness, you can try it too, be sure to persevere~

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