Standing Meditation Course:Get Your Body Born Again - Follow the Chinese Xingyiquan Master Ma Shiqi

    Introduction to Mashiqi Standing Meditation Course

    Mr. Ma Shiqi, born 1944,is a famous Chineise master of Xing Yi Quan.His Xing Yi Quan heritage came from the sect of the famous Xingyiquan master Shang Yunxiang,who in the late Qing  and early Minguo (Republic of China, 1911–1949).

    Mr. Ma Shiqi began teaching at the age of 22,He thinks that Xing Yi, Ba Gua and Tai Chi are both internal KongFu, so-called internal KongFu is to pay attention to perceiving the operation of the genuine qi in the body, and then make the soul lead the mind, the mind leads the qi, and the qi leads the shape.

    Mr. Ma believes that modern society is fiercely competitive, with great mental pressure and extremely high medical expenses.If you can make time every day to practice,it's a very effective way to get rid of a day's fatigue, or health care.

    Mr. Ma especially likes to Zhan Zhuang(standing meditation),to learn Xingyi Quan, you must first learn to Zhan Zhuang.The effect of Zhan Zhuang is very significant in health care.

    Mr. Ma Shiqi adheres to the teacher's teaching, takes the benefit of the world and the people as his heart, and has always taught carefully and taught according to his aptitude.

    This course is the primary stage of Mr. Ma's Zhan Zhuang kung fu. By practicing standing with this course, you can quickly restore your body to its original state, be full of vitality, and enhance your inner strength.

    Let's get started!

    What is the benefit of studying this course for you?

    Long-term practice of standing can adjust the balance of yin and yang, cultivate vitality, dredge the meridians, and achieve the effect of disease prevention, health preservation, and longevity.

    When a tree is sick, adding nutrients to the soil can restore it, and when a person's spirit, state, and health have problems, we can restore it by replenishing vitality. The physiological phenomenon of human beings is very special. Just after 30, energy immediately declines. So after middle age need tonic. Medicine tonic is not as good as food tonic, and food tonic is not as good as qi tonic.

    Practicing the Zhan Zhuang method of health internal kong fu can replenish qi.

    Zhan Zhuang is to exercise qi. On the one hand, it can make the central nervous system rest; on the other hand, it can promote blood circulation and enhance the metabolism of the personal system. When the central nervous system is fully rested, the regulation function will be strengthened, the blood circulation will be accelerated and the metabolism will be enhanced, so that the internal organs and limbs can be fully nourished. If the vitality of the whole body is strong, the purpose of prolonging life can be achieved.

    How much does the course cost?

    This course is completely free, for friends who like to practice.

    Section 1

    Relax your body and mind first, and let your hands droop naturally. At this time, don't pay too much attention to the sounds around you, don't pay too much attention to what you see, don't think too much about things, calm yourself down, focus on your body, and desire for nothing in your mind , mind as still as water, put your tongue against your upper jaw, stand with your legs side by side, take a few deep breaths, breathe lightly and slowly, and ask to be relaxed, quiet, and natural.

    Take a step with your left foot to the left, and adjust your body center of gravity after you stand firm. Make the feet shoulder-width apart, and the direction of the feet is straight ahead, neither inward nor outward, the feet should be on the same horizontal line, and should be kept flat and positive. Then the ten toes are clasped on the ground, the center of the foot is arched, and the heel is on the ground. The whole foot is in an arched shape, 70% of the body weight falls on the back heel, and 30% of the weight falls on the forefoot.

    The knees are slightly bent, seem to be straight but not straight, seem to be curved but not curved.

    The buttocks are clamped (don’t be too deliberate), the coccyx is turned forward, the body seems to be about to sit down but has not yet sat down, the bent part of the thigh root is slightly inward, and at the same time, we adjust the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, so that the lumbar spine becomes more some of the vertical.

    After the lumbar spine is straightened, the back should be flat and straight, the spine should remain vertical, and the coccyx should not be skewed left and right, so as to ensure the centering of the coccyx and the straightness of the spine.

    The shoulders are loosened and buckled slightly inward, at this time the back is flattened horizontally.

    Press the inside of your left hand under your belly button. The inner side of the right hand is placed on the outer side of the left hand, and both hands should not be pressed hard.

    The chin is drawn inward to form an upward pulling force, and together with the shoulder-buckling, elbow-closing, and elbow-sinking, a horizontal and vertical force is formed.(If you don't understand this point, you just need to understand that don't look up, keep your head normal, so that your eyes can look straight ahead instead of looking up to see things.

    Tongue touches palate, mouth slightly closed.

    After the posture is set, it is important to adjust the breath to match the movement of the inner qi. The point is to breathe slowly and lightly.

    The posture discussed in this lesson is called the first posture for short. This posture is conducive to strengthening one’s body and cultivating one’s energy. The breathing method is usually called abdominal breathing.

    Keep practicing this pose, and you will get unexpected benefits. You will feel more and more that your energy will become stronger, your body will start to recover, and your appetite will get better and better.

    At the beginning, you can start practicing from 5 minutes. If you can do 3-5 groups a day for a week, you will find that your body has begun to have good changes.

    Section 2

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    Section 8

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