What are the best books on standing meditation?

    Opening introduction

    Today I will introduce 3 classic books about standing meditation for your reference. This site is a website dedicated to researching the problem of standing meditation. We hope to share our experience with everyone, thank you!

    1、The Way of Energy: Mastering the Chinese Art of Internal Strength with Chi Kung Exercise (A Gaia Original)

    This book provides a detailed introduction to the basic exercises of the staking system. Posture requirements, points, and principles and the benefits it will bring you. It is very simple and clear to guide you to learn Zangzhuang Qigong.

    What should we pay attention to in the station pile system? Which ones should you take step by step? Which methods are suitable for the pile system? How do we need to do it specifically, and what kind of plan needs to be formulated to be considered reasonable? How can I avoid hurting myself?

    2、The Warriors of Stillness Trilogy: Meditative Traditions in the Chinese Martial Arts

    This set of books contains the contents of all three volumes, which are the author's experience and research on internal strength. The first book discusses Taijiquan movement techniques, hair cycle, and Taijiquan theory and practice. The second book draws on the exercises used in Yiquan, such as the ability to beat strength and speed, traditional meditation techniques, and techniques for fighting and controlling strength. The final book describes good posture and breathing habits, guidelines for developing jin, how to control body movements and movements, and the pinnacle experience of enlightenment. Each volume includes illustrations to supplement text and provide visual guidance for the various stages of martial arts. "

    3、Inside Zhan Zhuang: First Edition

    For the first time in print, the mysterious transformation process of Standing Meditation is revealed. Filled with tips and tricks to help get more out of training than most practitioners ever thought possible, this book contains a number of concepts and techniques presented for the first time in English. Drawing upon his 7th generation lineage in Chinese Medicine and using straightforward and simple language, Mr. Cohen fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle formerly absent in Zhan Zhuang literature. These include such elements as special masterpoints to relax and release large sections of the body, methods which rapidly create whole-body linkage for any posture; techniques for working with light in the higher energy centers, mechanisms to correct many crucial health problems and special training to develop truly effective martial power. A fast track for beginners. Highly recommended for seasoned practitioners. Take your Zhan Zhuang and Tai Chi to the next level.

    Which one do you like? You are welcome to leave a message to let us know, we will be very grateful for your reply!

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