What has changed in 1 year of standing meditation?

Hello! I have been standing meditation for 1 year and 5 months, let me answer this question.

I don’t stand a lot every day, I only stand for a few minutes for my age. It has been 1 year and 5 months so far. I feel that the addiction to tobacco and alcohol is basically gone, my psychology has become more confident and my immune system has improved.

In addition to these, I have also made a lot of breakthroughs in the accumulation of internal strength, which I summarize into the following 5 points:

1. The spirit is very good

After insisting on standing meditation for about 3 to 4 weeks, my energy and state became particularly good, and the quality of sleep was particularly high. I used to be unable to sleep at night and couldn't wake up during the day, and I was easily sleepy when studying or working, and then I felt very energetic at night, insomnia, and couldn't sleep.

After insisting on standing meditation, I feel that I am not so easily tired, I fall asleep easily at night, wake up refreshed, and I am not very tired after working the night shift. Many friends and colleagues have said, "Hey, why do you feel so energetic recently."

2. Kidney energy becomes stronger than before

After standing for about a month, I clearly felt that the lower dantian, that is, the center of the lower abdomen, became warm and warm; when I held the lower dantian with two hands, it was like holding a warm ball and it could become bigger and smaller.

After that, I felt that the energy of the kidneys increased significantly, and I had morning erections every morning, just like a natural alarm clock.

3. Memory becomes stronger

Memory was better when I was a child, especially in junior high school. Later, my memory became worse, I couldn't remember things, and I was always forgetful. But after insisting on standing meditation for a period of time, I feel that my mind is getting clearer and clearer, my ability to think about things becomes stronger, and I can remember things quickly.

4. Enhanced body sensitivity

With sufficient energy in the body, I feel that the body is more sensitive, and the ability to perceive things that may lead to disease becomes stronger; so every time I encounter it, the body will subconsciously reject it. For example, now I don’t like eating cold food, and I don’t like drinking cold drinks or blowing air conditioners. Once I do this, I feel uncomfortable.

5. No more dizziness when riding in the car

There is also an obvious magical phenomenon. I used to be particularly prone to motion sickness and seasickness. How serious is it? Taking a bus and shaking it for about six or seven stops, I feel dizzy. If I can't open the window to blow the cold air, I have to get off the bus, or I may vomit.

I feel much better now, although it is not completely better, but it is much stronger than before; now I feel that I have not had motion sickness for a long time, a very obvious change.

Now, I often get up at 6 o'clock during the day to stand up, or if I have something to do in the morning, I will stand up at 7 o'clock and practice for more than 20 to 30 minutes, which is very refreshing and has a whole day.

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